It was a cold dark stormy midnight in January of umpteen, when out of boredom, Hip Hop decided to give R&B a quick call. In a feathered tone, he said….EHH SAK PASE CHERI, baby…. wanna come over, light one and talk about the future? She said, “ah ah ah ahhbsolutely, ooouuu weeee ooouu weee..OWWWW, M’AP VINI..I’m coming over….”. It was that night, balls and all, that they created this wonderful creature, a creative master-beast, one of the most greatest gifts to music, Miss DEVYN+RO$E.

While music had taken a complete hold over the young Devyn, it wouldn’t be until years later that she was discovered by multi-platinum producer Dame Grease during a BMI Open Mic. As her journey was destined to take its own unique path, Devyn’s first introduction to the entertainment world on a professional level was as a model, where she dropped it like it’s hot in several local and national fashion shows. Fully aware that singing was her biggest passion, in her spare time Devyn began originally writing songs and recording under the name of Tanya aka T6. With the connections she made in the fashion world, she began performing at fashion shows, which eventually lead to her performing at different venues and competitions.

Under her previous moniker Tanya T6, she released a mixtape for fans, entitled “Move Over Paris Hilton, There’s a New It Girl in Town”(literally, the corniest title in history), hosted by New York’s POWER 105.1’s DJ Suss One”. From the mixtape, she released “Work My Body” which premiered on the DJ Wrexx show on WZMX Hartford’s Hot 93.7 and quickly flooded the digital world, which led to calls and request from across the nation and the globe. Stemming from the momentum that she had created with her first single, she began remixing popular songs and sending them out via a weekly email blast to all the major DJ’s across the world. Before long, DJ’s began contacting her on a daily basis requesting her latest and greatest remixes which eventually helped brand her as the “The Remix Queen”. To follow, she released her official follow-up single entitled “Get It Off” featuring Young Money’s Jae Millz, which hit radio airwaves nationally and internationally, adding to her having over 30 songs tracked and accumulating radio spins.

Over the last few years, she has been working diligently to perfect a sound that she is thrilled to call her own. Having been fortunate enough to work behind the scenes with Hip-Hop artists such as 3 6 Mafia, N.O.R.E., KURUPT, Mims, Jae Millz, French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Max B, Mike Shore, Royce Da 59, and Grammy nominated Producer D-Moet, she has been able to develop an eccentric new generation mix of hip hop and r&b. Her new style is best described as cryptic, dark rusty, sexy with an attitude and soul, beat driven and loud, which has evolved into the DEVYN+RO$E sound. It’s a sound that she not only feels passionate about, but also feels that her fans will be able to most connect with.

In December 2014, Devyn’s single “Falling 4 U” peaked in at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales Charts and #15 on Mediabase’s India Label Radio Charts, but no one cared. While considered by some to be a seasoned veteran in the entertainment industry, Devyn remains both humble and hungry, to share her many talents with the world. When it comes to her music, her career, and her effortless talent, she continues to prove to the world with every endeavor, that she’s destined to be a musical force to be reckoned with.



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