Crptic, produced by Lexi Banks, is the fourth single off of Devyn’s debut Album 2 Stellar.

I had so much fun recording this record. I took one weekend (Fri-Sun), rolled a joint a day and wrote this 6 minute song. I could not for the life of me stop coming up with melodies and that is why the song ended up being 6 fact, there were more melodies, but at one point in the record, I was so over it, I cried “I can go all day my nigga”..cause I really can lol. I really enjoyed showcasing all my different voices and styles with this record. I create psychedelic, retro-soul, horrorcore trap music. That is my genre.

  • Release dateJune 6, 2017
  • CatalogCryptic
  • LabelPink Staircase
  • FormatDigital