Dracula, produced by Lexi Banks, is the fifth single off of Devyn’s debut Album 2 Stellar.

Ok, fine, I know this is my 5th single of my “debut” album 2 Stellar but after thinking about it, I decided I don’t want to drop an album – like who buys albums in 2017? I rather drop hit after hit after hit like every 2 months..yuuuuhhh knerm nerm nerm nerm nerm erm sayin? So about Dracula..let me explain. The skeletons symbolize everyone who has ever doubted and hated on me my entire life. I am also introducing my alter ego “Midnight” – which is the chilling deep vocals you’ve heard in many of my new records (Cryptic, Can’t Complain, Mood Killah and now Dracula). I call her Midnight because this voice literally comes out at Midnight..it actually scares the shit out of me sometimes lol..but it’s sooo much fun and interesting to me. Hope I don’t scare ya’ll. My goal is to have you thinkin creepy is the new sexy ok?!

  • Release dateOctober 28, 2017
  • CatalogDracula
  • LabelPink Staircase
  • FormatDigital